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Why is the Hypnotic Gastric band so effective?

Gastric Band Hypnotherapeutic Approach Proves Its Worth

By John Plester, Specialist Hypnotherapist for weight loss and author of 'Unleash the Slim Within' in Norwich, Norfolk

The last client I worked with on my 'Unleash the Slim Within' programme who installed the hypnotic gastric band has lost 3 stone and is still losing weight, so I have no doubt of it's success as the results are very measurable!

Gastric band hypnotherapy is an excellent procedure, aimed to combat overeating issues using advanced hypnotherapy. This virtual gastric band method is an excellent replacement for conventional medical treatment that could be unbelievably costly, as well as carrying countless major risks and unwanted side effects, including vomiting, diarrhoea and indigestion subsequent to surgery. A hypnotic approach can be used to change the internal thoughts and establish constructive eating patterns and a healthy connection with food.

People are now mindful of how being over-weight can affect their health and life expectancy. Sad to say, as diets usually do not seem to work long term countless people believe their only choice is to resort to radical surgery. For someone who is obese, the health issues that most worry them are heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetic issues and being unable to lead active lives.

Gastric band hypnotherapy specialist techniques can safely assist those who have struggled to shed unwanted weight and need help to handle portion size and stop unnecessary eating. Motivation to exercise and eat healthy foods can also be achieved during treatment. Numerous people have successfully completed hypnotheraputic treatment and are now living significantly more healthy lives without the fear of disease; additionally they have also managed to make constructive changes in other areas of their lives. Slimming down is a huge personal achievement and something to be very proud of. Progressively more people are choosing to have gastric band hypnosis as not only do they lose weight, it boosts confidence and self-esteem and also averts depression.

Gastric band hypnotherapy treatments would advisable if a person had a BMI higher than 25. Body Mass Index is a healthy weight calculator based upon height and weight proportions. Anyone struggling to successfully stick to a healthy way of eating and who is medically overweight could gain from this beneficial treatment. The process takes place over several sessions using various methods including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and hypnosis to encourage a relaxed, trance-like state of mind which is ideal for change. Towards the end of the treatment one of the sessions will involve the virtual gastric band surgery, plus a follow up session could be required to have it removed in a virtual sense and, even more importantly, helping you to sustain a healthy routine of healthy eating and exercise.

Gastric band hypnotherapy is comparatively safe and a much less expensive option than actual gastric band surgery. Initially, the person's eating habits and relationship with food will be discussed so that a therapy plan can be jointly set. This helps to ensure that the procedure is successful, and despite being aware that you havenít actually had the surgery physically, your subconscious mind will become so much more aware of your daily diet. You will typically notice a reduction in appetite and begin to get slimmer quite swiftly.

Gastric band hypnotherapy techniques can be a challenging and difficult technique for some hypnotherapists and it is thereby very important to choose one that specialises in this subject. I have successfully integrated the hypnotic gastric band within my 'Unleash the Slim Within' five session programme ensuring a comprehensive approach to weight loss that integrates the best methods used by Paul McKenna as well as the hypnotic gastric band procedure. This programme is available at my practice in Norwich, Norfolk and is only used for clients that need to lose alot of weight. Those clients that have less than a couple of stone to lose are advised to do the 'Unleash the Slim Within' programme on it's own without the hypnotic gastric band installation. The programme is thorough, so will deal with emotional underlying issues as well as unhealthy habitual patterns of behaviour.

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