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“Brilliant! The strength of John Plester's NLP training lies in the fact that he tailors his teaching to his client. In other words; he takes into account your own life skills and experiences and in what setting you wish to use NLP skills. The positive outcome being that you're left in no doubt as to how to apply those skills to both your own life and your particular field of employment. ”

Trisha Goddard, TV Presenter, 'The Trisha Show'

“Great therapy training, which enabled me to improve outcomes for the NHS patients I work with. I have trained in NLP and hypnotherapy with John over a few years now and always found him highly professional & knowledgable. All training either on a 1:1 basis or as part of a group demonstrates attention to detail in terms of training material and a thoughtful empathic approach taken to each individual's needs experiential learning. I would recommend John both as a therapist and trainer for anyone who wishes to improve themselves either professionally or for personal reasons.   ”

Paula Carnaby, NHS Therapist

“If you are thinking about one of John's courses...I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him! I was a student on the Hypnotherapy Diploma course. This was run professionally with an easy relaxed environment with which to learn and practice within. I also am mentored by John and seek supervision from him as a practicing hypnotherapist. John is approachable and has a wealth of experience with which to offer. He offers a range of leading edge therapies which I have experienced and am amazed by.   ”

Lorraine Grant, Hypnotherapist

“Be treated or trained by the best! I had a wonderful experience when undergoing hypnotherapy with John, John is a true professional who is caring, he listens to your thoughts, he puts you at ease. He creates an environment where you feel comfortable and safe. John is a wonderful trainer, whether you are a beginner or if you require advanced training in all areas of Hypnotherapy and TFT. I highly recommend   ”

Karen Blake,

“Excellent Training I have studied with many trainers and I rate John and Mike highly. They both have excellent subject knowledge and are natural teachers. The course was a great mixture of theory and practical experience. I received lots of constructive feedback during the course and both tutors were easily contactable between sessions. I am now running my own successful practice and the course provided exactly the grounding I needed in order to start my own business.   ”

Emma Wymark, Hypnotherapist

“EXCELLENT THERAPIST AND NLP TRAINER I have known John Plester for 8 years from when he was the Master Trainer for a course I attended to be an NLP Trainer. I have also had the luck to be his client for three different areas where I needed help. 1) trauma of rape and later a 2) fear of driving and 3) finding my mojo. His therapy was effective and fast. Furthermore, the 'NLP Trainer' training turned my life around completely, to say the least! I left there with focus, purpose and well-established skills! I was so inspired and well equipped that I was able to create my own certification program on Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)back home in Australia. I flew from Australia to UK specifically to train with John Plester due to his absolute gold star, international reputation and very high recommendations. John is an incredibly focused teacher/trainer and therapist. He knows how to assist you in taking in knowledge in a way that is absorbed quickly, effectively and fully for each student or client that he has a responsibility for. His therapeutic work offers quick solutions and resolutions for different issues. I have even referred my friends and family to John as well, and they are all equally impressed with his skills. Through John's training of NLP and therapy after considerable trauma, I was able to accomplish the chasms of events in my life...working inter-continentally, starting my own training company and finding balance in my life, free from the chains of the past. I am so grateful for John Plester and his abilities. Thank you John, you're a diamond! ”

Jane Nash, Therapist and Trainer

“Highly recommended I have recommended John to many clients over the years, for a variety of circumstances, with great success. Not only is he experienced and knowledgeable, but also very professional and friendly whilst keeping a patient centred approach. ”

Andy Goddard, Chiropractor

“Professional. Dedicated. Friendly. I've always found John an excellent listener and never lacking in ideas on how best to cope and deal with any situation I'm facing! Always polite and friendly, as long as John stays in the industry I will never consider an alternative Hypnotherapist. ”

M.T, Norwich

“Thankyou for giving me my life back I would highly recommend John and the service he gives, he transformed my live, I had 3 things thst I needed johns help with? I was an alcoholic who was killing myself and I had no will power to give up drinking, 8 years on I still haven't had any alcohol, I wanted to lose 3 stone in weight and to rebuild my shattered confidence. Since seeing John I have become a manager in a company, got married and had an amazing child. So thank you John, it is no lie to say you saved me, and I wouldn't hesitate in coming to you again or in recommending you. ”

C.G, North Walsham

“You’ll only gain from seeing him I’ve been seeing John for nearly 7 years now and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He’s taught me so much about the best ways of using my mind when it came to studying and handling stressful situations that I was going to encounter.   ”

J.S, Personal Trainer

“Will be forever grateful! I contacted John to seek help for my very troubled 18 year old son, and wow what a difference he has made. The initial appointment was vital in gaining my sons confidence and John just made him feel so at ease. His treatment over the weeks was just phenomenal the difference each session made is beyond words. Can’t thank him enough I have my son back and for that I will be forever grateful. Yes we do have the odd relapse but with the tools and strategies that John has taught us both we are soon back on track. ”

C.M, Norwich

“John is a knowledgeable Therapist and Trainer who can adapt his skills appropriately to individual needs. John is a very knowledgeable Therapist. He is calm, professional, flexible, empathetic and can apply a fun element, if appropriate, during treatment and with his training. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to a friend, or someone I know. ”

James Witham, Sports Massage Therapist

“Fantastic Practitioner would highly recommend! I have been seeing John, on and off for a number of years now, I fully trust him as a practitioner and feel that over these years he has helped to conquer my anxiety levels and my main phobia of flying. John is a friendly, patient and understanding man and I feel completely comfortable talking through my issues with him, no matter how big or small they may be. I would thoroughly recommend John to anyone who is seeking help or hypnosis. John has given me the results I needed to be able to change the way I look at life and the decisions I can now make. Thank you John!! ”

J.G, Norwich

“John Plester's hypnotherapy sessions and techniques cannot be praised enough John was recommended to me by a friend as I was having difficulty in dealing with a large amount of stress in my life at the time. He listened patiently to all that i had to say, and teased out of me in an intelligent way the troubles and worries that I was having. He then started to teach me the various ways that i could cope with these by focusing in on positives and learning simple techniques that helped enhance and embed those positives so that they became second nature. I was able to take those techniques home with me and use them when ever i needed to. His hypnosis sessions would leave me nice and relaxed and the suggestive sub conscious positive messaging would settle down and assist in the removal of those stressful times that i had been experiencing. However, the greatest achievement that John was able to do for me was to help me approach a kidney transplant operation at Addenbrookes made possible by my wife's selfless donation. John prepared my mind through several sessions, and techniques that i could use myself, to be completely 100% positive in my outlook and to remain calm throughout the ordeal. And its a testament to those techniques and the state of my mind that i was able to get through many of the issues that arose and am now very healthy. In short, i cannot recommend John highly enough. He is first class. ”

N.T, Norwich

“The hypnotherapy course was fantastic, a great opportunity to learn with top quality trainers. Highly recommended. ”

R. C., Hypnotherapist

“Probably one of the most eye-opening training courses I've attended. Stacked full of very useful (and useable) techniques. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute!”

E. P-C., Hypnotherapist

“An inspiring and enlightening course that gave me a very rounded learning in hypnotherapy and a very clear understanding of what direction can be taken. Very special team of trainers that encourage others in opening their minds.”

S. L., Hypnotherapist and Healer

“I found this training from the East Anglian Institute very thorough, giving many good techniques for use in everday practice. I would recommend the East Anglian Institute to anyone who would wish to further their professional expertise.”

S. R., Acupuncturist and Hypnotherapist

“In an industry that is unregulated it is important to get thorough training by nationally accredited trainers. The East Anglian Institute has these and learning through them is informative, fun and professional. Not only a good place to start learning but also a good place to continue learning.”

I. T., Hypnotherapist

“Thouroughly enjoyable course. Great fun, informative and useful. Will continue with the East Anglian Institute in the future.”

M. L., Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. The abilities of the trainers has been extremely high. I'm looking forward to a new career.”

L. S., Hypnotherapist

“A truly wonderful course - I enjoyed every moment of it and my own personal development has been significant.”

W. C., Hypnotherapist

“The East Anglian Institute has created a comprehensive training course for hypnotherapy and NLP. The trainers approach the subjects with knowledge, passion and professionalism.”

D. F., Author and Hypnotherapist

“Excellent course and instructors. First rate course content and delivery.”

M. L., Hypnotherapist

“Studying NLP and Hypnosis with the East Anglian Institute has been an insightful opening to understanding how we think and behave and what can be learned to implement positive change. Through their guidance and knowledge achieving the diploma has been an exciting, inspirational experience.”

B. D., Hypnotherapist and Coach

“This course has not only transformed me as a person- i.e new skills etc but has equipped me with a wonderful and effective therapy. The high standards and professionalism of my teachers and the content of the course has far exceeded my expectations.”

D. B., Hypnotherapist and Crystal Healer

“The training course has added a new dimension to my work as an addiction counsellor. it has been a journey of professional growth as well as professional development.”

P. O., Addiction Counsellor

“The course is excellent. The trainers are professional, experienced and very approachable. I have enjoyed every session. Meeting other people on the course from all walks of life has been a great experience as well. I have attended many courses in my career and this is the top of my list.”

J. S., Lecturer in Mental Health, NHS

“I discovered that as a counsellor, I can add hypnotherapy, NLP as tools to my toolbox. These skills can enhance practice in a dynamic way.”

P. H., Counsellor

“An excellent course delivered very professionally. This course not only taught me the skills required but was a journey of self discovery.”

I. W., Hypnotherapist

“I will go away from this training with a big smile on my face. I've learned lots of useful skills, but more than that discovered some great things inside me. It's been an enjoyable journey of discovery in great company.”

E. S., HR Advisor and Hypnotherapist

“I would highly recommend this challenging, informative, inspirational and FUN course which has been life changing both professionally and personally, to novices and professionals alike.”

S. M., Hypnotherapist

“Before I came on the course, I had reservations and concerns about the longevity of my chosen career as a Sales Manager. Since coming on the course I now feel so much more confident and relaxed, knowing that I have an accredited qualification and the opportunity to become a successful therapist and I am looking forward to where my next journey with the East Anglian Institute.  ”

G. M., Sales Manager and Hypnotherapist

“The East Anglian Institute provided professional and supportive training throughout the course. I cannot fault the presentation or the content of the course. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I felt that I have learnt so much but I am also looking forward to progressing further with the East Anglian Institute.”

N. H., Hypnotherapist

“The whole experience of the course was for me life-changing. From a position of uncertain confidence I feel I have grown as a person and with the inspiration of my tutors, discovered a passion for the subject I could only previously scarcely imagined. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

D. H., Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

“This is an exceptional course. If there is anything that you want out of life, anything you want to change or simply you just wan to know yourself- then this course will guide you on your journey. Fanatstic Fun!”

P. D., H.R Director

“A wealth of knowledge and experience drive this well rounded course. For the chance to really enjoy and learn your way into hypnotherapy there is now where else to spend your time.”

R. J., Trainer and Hypnotherapist

“'I can't quite believe how much I have learnt. I can honestly say that I have looked forward to every training day. The Institute has given me a solid foundation to work from and I have felt as though I have had back up all the time. I can't wait to start the next course.”

S. H., Hypnotherapist

“‘John Plester was able to bring the NLP skills to life and give me the tools to manage my actions within a challenging workplace so that I could enhance my abilities to support people who are coping with a wide range of life difficulties. On a personal level the training has given me confidenceto follow my own path and trust in my own decisions. It has allowed me to address past, present and future, building on strengths and giving me the tools to develop and change areas that I had previously thought fixed and out of control.’”

I.B, Youth Therapist

“'As a newly licensed NLP Practitioner, attending the John Plester NLP Boot Camp gave me an opportunity to hone and practise my skills within a monitored environment. I now feel fully equipped to work with real clients, whereas before I was a little hesitant. Within a week I had my first client booked in. I tackled the appointment confident in my abilities and truly consider that the outcome for both client and coach was far more beneficial having invested the time to attend the Boot Camp. Thanks, John!'”

A.D, Style Coach

“'The training has given me so many resources and tools to use both on a personal and professional level. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel that it has given me something powerful and special'”

K.M, Occupational Therapist

“'A great learning experience, I wish I had done this many years ago!' ”

N.K, Life Coach

“'An enjoyable, stimulating course using humour and plenty of rapport to achieve a good basic knowledge as well as usable skills'”

Dr M.T, G P

“'The course has given me the qualities needed to become the person I wanted to be!'”

G.C, Life Coach

“‘I really enjoyed the NLP One to One Practitioner Training and am delighted with the new skills that it has given me for my ‘tool box’. The style of presentation was well paced and easy to understand, with a good balance of theory and practical exercises. The One to One nature of the training allowed for time to focus on particulalr areas and to tailor the learning to my individual needs. John’s delivery style is friendly and approachable, combined with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience (and a good sense of humour!), which is beneficial to any student.”

L.S-J, Empowerment Coach

“I saw you a couple of years ago regarding anxiety. You completely turned my life around and for that I can't thank you enough. I tried counselling and CBT through my 7 or 8 years of anxiety and panic attacks but they didn't work for me. I became a complete recluse, I could barely get to work or the shops without over analysing how and when I would panic, which therefore brought on the panic/anxiety. I then saw you for your Freedom Formula Programme and you pointed me in the right direction to get my life on track. I now live a happier more social and less stressful life and I don't need to worry about things I used to. I would (and do) highly recommend you to people who have lost their way or have got themselves in a rut. Many thanks again John. ”

Steve Kett, Norwich

“I cannot thank you enough John for helping me over the years with my extreme anxieties, panic attacks and general worries of feeling unwell. Cannot recommend you enough! ”

Jamie Gooch, Norwich

“'John took our massive, deep rooted, marital problem, analysed it, questioned it and then treated it. Meticulous and 100% professional, he has now helped and given us the tools to carry on with a successful marriage and a happy family life. A life saver!'     ”

AH & CH , Norwich

“John is an outstanding teacher, trainer and one to one therapist. I have had dealings with John in all three. If you need some real, genuine support in your own personal struggles OR you would love to know more about the field of personal development OR you aspire to be the one who inspires others...I would highly recommend John. There are so many shallow, briefly qualified people in the therapy business but John is the real deal! ”

Dr Sandra Westland, Director Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies, London.

“John Plester is a knowledgeable trainer who combines an entertaining style with effective training ”

Daryl Fraser, Author The Inner Travellers Guide Book

“Perfect delivery, it was fun and informative, a real eye opener!”

J.C., Norwich

“Top quality training, yet another fantastic course delivered in a fun and informative way.”

M.L., Kings Lynn

“Very thorough and professionally presented course. The students responded very positively to the warm, humourous but very professional method of delivery.”

C.M., Tasburgh, Norfolk

“As a qualified Sales trainer and Life Coach with seminar training experience going back two decades, I found the TFT Boot Camp training amazing and delivered with honesty, integrity, hunour and most importantly perfect concept delivery. To consolidate the course has the perfect balance of tell and show. Huge thanks.”

A.E.P., Trainer and Life Coach

“I have suffered with Crohn's Disease for more than 16 years. After working with John and learning that the Crohn's for me was not stress related, once home, I applied what I had learnt about Individual Energy Toxins (IET's) and the other techniques to my life. For example I test what I eat and now only eat what is not a toxin for my body. After 24 hours of doing this I not only noticed a massive increase in energy and wellbeing but I didn't have tummy ache! This is the first time in 16 years! It has been 3 weeks now and I have been pain free, more positive and lost 9lb in weight!! Thank you John for your knowledge, guidance and support and for helping me to have a deeper understanding of TFT and IET's that has truly changed my life.”

K.D., Kent

“This is an absolutely amazing course. The course is delivered in a professional and fun environment and I could not recommend it more. Thank you John.”

I.B., Reflexologist, Kent

“Excellent. A well presented course, detailed content, delivered well and with a sense of humour.”

S-J, Therapist, Norwich

“Fantastic training clearly presented. John was wonderful and made sure you understood every step of the course. I learnt so much at this Boot Camp - most informative and enjoyable, a great couple of days.”

Karen Blake, Wikaniko.com

“A lively and professional delivery of the training programme. John was always on hand to clear up any confusion, never tiring in his approach to get over the concept and information.”

S.H., Oxfordshire

“The training was thorough, concise and clear. An excellent TFT Boot Camp - highly informative with lots of time to practise new techniques and lots of fun as well.”

J.F., Teacher, Norwich

“John Plester is a knowledgeable trainer who combines an entertaining style with effective training.”

Daryl Fraser, Daryl Fraser, Author 'The Inner Travellers Guide Book'

“As always John delivered this TFT Boot Camp training with his usual good humour and ideal mix of learning materials. Once again, I thouroughly enjoyed it and have come away with confidence to use TFT.”

C.P., Nutritionist and Therapist, Norfolk

“The delivery from John was thorough yet informal. There was good support material which I found very useful and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the course to others.”

B.G., Teacher, Norwich

“Fantastic opportunity to open your mind and add another very exciting tool to the therapist kit. I was surprised at how much I felt the change straight away. Excellent, very professional and fun delivery.”

S.L., Thetford

“I found the TFT course very explicit, comprehensive and easily understood. The interaction of Tutor and students was uplifting.”

S.R., Acupuncturist & Hypnotherapist

“This two day course in TFT has been really interesting and I can see myself using the techniques I have learned on myself and others confidently.”

C.C., Wymondham

“A very enjoyable course, using a range of teaching methods which kept my interest levels high. Will definitely use TFT in my work with clients suffering from addiction problems”

K.R., Substance Abuse Counsellor, Bury St Edmunds

“For anyone who is interested in helping themselves or others both psychological and physical concerns, TFT is an amazing addition in order to provide rapid relief. The TFT Boot Camp is a fantastic and fun way to develop the skills and qualifications needed to be able to treat these problems rapidly and effectively.”

J.C., Trauma Counsellor, NHS Newcastle

“John has provided once again a fantastic weekend, where I have been able to develop my skills. The TFT Boot Camp was delivered with expertise, humour and fun. What a great way to learn. I would and do recommend John Plester to my colleagues and friends”

K.S., Hypnotherapist, Norwich

“I would highly recommend the Boot Camp training to anyone as John is truly an outstanding teacher and practitioner. He has the amazing ability to deliver comprehensive information regarding TFT in a very concise manner with great clarity. As a student I feel that I came away from this training course with suffiicent knowldge and skills to practice this very effective form of therapy.”

N.S.F., Hypnotherapist, London

“I have done several courses with John now, and his refreshing style delivers training with verve and his use of humour helps the material to become embedded in your mind. This TFT training has certainly enabled me to take my therapy to a new level with the introduction of the identification of Energy Toxin's, allowing me to get a much higher success rate. Delivery was excellent done in Johns own style, with flair and humour where appropriate. I love the way he demonstrates, and then describes the process, followed up by us practising the techniques.<br><br>On a personal level, I have enjoyed 3 weeks of uninterrupted sleep since the identification of caffeine as an energy toxin for me. I know my clients will get a similar benefit from the excellent techniques John teaches on this course.”

M.R., Hypnotherapist, Norwich

“The one-to-one course was adapted to meet my individual requirements, needs and availability. I was able to work entirely at my own pace which suited my complicated working patterns. The modules were tailored to meet my own preferences for the use of NLP in my working environment - at times this was achieved dynamically as my working situation shifted! The course is an absolute must for those who wish to take NLP to the next level, and have to fit their studies around a complicated lifestyle. John Plester is a fantastic tutor - patient, humorous and flexible.”

M.S., NLP Coach

“Having recently completed the intensive, one to one, three day, NLP Practitioner course, provided by John Plester, I can highly recommend him! His friendly, relaxed demeanour instantly put me at ease, dissolving any initial apprehension; whilst John’s unique style of tuition, coupled with his dry sense of humour, made this an entertaining, learning experience! Tailoring his course to fit your own, specific needs, John utilises your existing knowledge, to gently guide you through the learning process. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and emerged with the confidence and motivation to apply my enhanced skill-set on a daily basis. At half the price of many similar, NLP courses, John Plester offers fantastic value for money!”

M.Y., Teacher

“The one-to-one NLP Practitioner course is an ideal way to learn the theory and practice of NLP. My working one-to-one with John, you have the freedom to ask John to tailor the course specifically to your own needs. This is an ideal way to gain Continuing Professional Development, in a time-limited working environment. The weekend ‘NLP Boot Camps’he offers as part of this training, give you the opportunity to gain practical experience, working with others. I came away with new knowledge, skills and more importantly, the confidence to pass on what I have learnt to others.”

Andrea Rippon, Staff Development Officer, University of East Anglia

“The NLP Boot Camp was a very good way of getting an introduction into NLP. Having read some of the concepts before, personally I felt I've gained alot of insight by practicing it with other people and interacting with more experienced practitioners. John has the ability to explain concepts of NLP in an easy to understand form. All in all highly recommended!”

R.D., IT Consultant

“I came to John Plester suffering from severe anxiety after experiencing a number of highly stressful life events within a short space of time.  I had one TFT Voice Technology session and four NLP coaching sessions (all by telephone), which I found extremely helpful in reducing anxiety and changing negative thought patterns.   I also downloaded the “Unleash the Change Within” CD, which reinforced some of the techniques I learned during the sessions with John.  The CD had an immediate calming effect and, although I listened to it every day at first, I now only need it occasionally as a relaxation tool.  After four months off, I am back at work full time and improving every week.  I know that I have learned tools that will help me deal with stressful situations for the rest of my life.  I found John to be professional and understanding and would highly recommend his services. ”

C.R., Ipswich

“As a total newcomer to NLP I was impressed with John's knowledge and delivery of the subject. I really enjoyed the Boot Camp and am keen to practice what I've learnt and would like to learn more. thanks to John and all the team!”

K.P., Manager

“John delivered an excellent 2 days of training for me and suited my style of taking in new information, I enjoyed it being very interactive and a useful way of re-affirming the knowledge being given. It was creatively done and in happy atmosphere challenging all aspects of everyone's learning skills.”

G.F., Therapist, London

“'Learning NLP has transformed both my own life and dramatically elevated my work with clients to new levels! My clients get so much more from me now..real and immediate and tangible results! John's teaching style and connection with his students is inspiring! A big thank you!' ”

Mike Buckley, Hypnotherapist

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