Psychotherapy with a Difference


This is for clients who want to work through problems analytically, conversationally and cognitively by searching for the psychological root of the problem with the aim of understanding and gaining perspective of the problem in order to move on.

This style of therapy is suited to the following types of problems:

  • Childhood development and how this has impacted on the adult self
  • Behavioural patterns and how they impact on life choices 
  • Understanding one’s true authentic identity and purpose in life
  •  Search for meaning and happiness in one’s life
  • Understanding deep psychological flaws and conditioning that cause problems now 


The difference is that I am trained not only in traditional psychotherapy but also specialise in Provocative Therapy, a psychotherapy model created by the late Frank Farrelly that provokes change and challenges the individual to move on. Additionally, I am trained not to just analyse but also to be able to deal with the inevitable emotional or behavioural consequences of any new insights utilising the full range of other therapies that I specialise in.

This style of conversational therapy can be suited to regular or occasional one hour consultations. Psychotherapy is most suited to one to one sessions at my private practice in Norwich.

The Fee for a one hour session is £85. 

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“Time to deal with the root cause, not just the symptom!”

Psychotherapy is particularly effective at dealing with the root cause of the problem.

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