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What if there was a way to eliminate negative emotion at the deep rooted core?

What if we could diagnose a precise formula for you to unlock the code to emotional freedom?

Well the answer is we can do both of these with the 'Freedom Formula'!

This intensive programme utilises applied kinesiology and the Chinese energy meridian system and acupressure points to uniquely diagnose what you need to release negative emotion and unlock your true potential to experience emotional freedom in all areas of your life!

Be Free of the negative emotions of:

In fact this programme clears all the underlying negative emotions that are at the root cause of most problems.

Feel a sense of relief of being able to be free of the old negative emotional baggage you have been carrying for far too long.

In addition…

This programme works on reprogramming the habitual thinking patterns that fuel negative behaviour showing you how to take control of your thinking and feeling in the NOW and be free to be the master of your own destiny!

I have discovered over the years that most problems are caused by both negative thinking in the present and underlying negative emotions from the past. This intensive programme uniquely deals with both to enable you to move on and be free to live your life to the full without anything holding you back.

Once you have cleared the emotional baggage of the past and you have taken control over how you think and feel in the PRESENT - you are free to move on!

The foundation stone of your future is in place but what next?

In addition the 'Freedom Formula' this programme provides the conversational catalyst to provoke change and create the future you want!

This programme can help with:

This Transformation Coaching programme uniquely integrates Provocative Psychotherapy, Three Principles within a action-orientated coaching approach to help you move forward whether with developing more confidence and better performance in a specific area (e.g sport, work, social or a skill) or gaining self understanding, meaning and direction more generally in life.

John is not only a master of the subtle art of conversational hypnosis but his humour and provocative style are the catalyst of deep and profound change’.

If the ‘Freedom Formula’ is about letting go of the past and old negative thinking and gaining freedom to have a choice about how you think and feel in the present then the ‘Catalyst for Change’ programme is all about gaining clarity about what to do with that choice and how to move forward to reach your true authentic potential in life.

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