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What Dr Roger Callahan says about John Plester and his book 'Unleash the Slim Within'?

Dr Roger Callahan'Unleash the Slim Within' by John Plester is both innovative in style and content. John blends humour and straight talking common sense with the latest psychological approaches in such a way as to create a powerful resource for losing weight.

John particularly highlights the importance of identifying individual energy toxins as a starting point to pursuing his programme. Throughout my years of developing TFT (Thought Field Therapy),
I have found this to be crucial in both overcoming emotional problems and losing weight permanently. John uniquely goes a step further in his programme by providing an integrated support package, which is available worldwide, using my most accurate discovery of Voice Technology™ to identify individual energy toxins and help people overcome the inevitable emotional baggage that is often in the background of any weight problem.

Furthermore, John has integrated one of the key solutions to psychological reversal in most of the exercises and techniques. This is a reversed electrical polarity in the body that blocks natural healing and psychological treatment. I believe the existence of psychological reversal is probably my most important scientific discovery. It is no coincidence that individual energy toxins are one of the major causes of psychological reversal.

I highly recommend that you follow this book and programme as it is intended, as I have no doubt it will be an invaluable resource in your quest to unleash the slim within!'

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