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Will I be under the hypnotist's power?

No you are not under the hypnotist's power this is an image created by stage hypnotists back in the Victorian times. You cannot be made to do anything against your will or against your morals. Nor is it like a stage show where the suggestions made are for pure entertainment purposes only. During a hypnosis stage show the process of hypnosis is a selection process to not only find out who can be hypnotised quickly but who will also be entertaining. I have assisted Paul McKenna with his hypnotic stage shows on many occasions, however, the hypnosis you will experience in a clinical session is for behavioural and therapeutic change, although I am sure you will find it fun, it is not for entertainment purposes. Extensive tests show that a subject will only comply with hypnotic suggestions that fit their moral and value codes. While hypnotised you will know perfectly well what you are doing and saying. You will not do or say anything that contravenes your inner most principles although you will be aware of changes.

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