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The Breakfast Question

By John Plester: Specialist Weight Loss Hypnotherapist in Norwich, Norfolk.

A new study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that skipping breakfast does not help you lose weight. In fact the opposite is true, people who eat breakfast burn more calories than those who do not!

The study at the University of Bath, researched 35 lean people who were asked to abstain from food before noon or consume 700 calories before 11am over a six week period. They found that those who ate breakfast were likely to expend more energy by being active and experienced better sugar control as the day went on compared to those who fasted in the morning.

People who fast do not not slow down their metabolism and people who eat breakfast do not speed it up, so metabolism had nothing to do with it. The main reason was increased activity by moving around.

My weight loss programme 'Unleash the slim within' is not about fad diets and lot's of do's and dont's - it is about developing a healthy eating and exercise plan for health and wellbeing habitually long term. Therefore if you enjoy breakfast, we have research to support that you can continue to enjoy it!

For more on John's hypnotherapy weight loss programme in Norwich check out the relevant section on this website.

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