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Divorce can make you and your kids fat!

By John Plester: Specialist Weight Loss Hypnotherapist in Norwich, Norfolk.

New research published by the journal BMJ Open has found that children whose parents divorced were significantly heavier. The study was done in 2010 in Norway with a sample of 3166 eight year olds. The results 27.5% boys with divorsed parents were overweight compared to 16% of boys with married parents. Girls were 28.5% overweight with divorced parents compared with 20.3% of girls with married parents.

Boys from split homes were 63% more likely to be overweight than boys with married parents. Factors such as the change in lifestyle living with one parent had an impact - lower income, more convenience food. However the report also honed in on the emotional stress caused by divorce.

It is no suprise that divorce causes emotional upheavel both in terms of the children and the adults, I have worked with many clients over the years that have come to see me for weight loss and the most significient factor is undoubtedly emotional stress, often as a result of relationship problems.

When I work with clients one to one with weight loss, the first step is to deal with the emotional stress, whatever it is and overcome the negative emotions that usually rely on food or drink for comfort. Alot of situations are negative abusive relationships mentally, physically or sexually - past or present that have had a huge emotional impact on the individual. This must be dealt with in order for any weight loss plan to stand a chance of being successful, therefore this is always a priority. Only after this stage of the therapy can we truly move on to creating new habitual patterns to support health and wellbeing and the inevitable weight loss.

My online weight loss programme 'Unleash the Slim Within' helps indivduals deal with the emotions through the use of Thought Field Therapy. You can gain access to this programme at: If you live close to me in Norwich we can also do this programme one to one. Additionally, these methods also work with young adults and children to deal with the emotional aspects of divorce.


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