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Hypnotherapy and Dating Confidence

Building your self confidence in dating

By John Plester, Hypnotherapist and Confidence Coach, Norwich, Norfolk.

This is the time of year following the Christmasbreak and thebeginning of a new yearthat I am working witha number of clients with relationship problems that have reached a point of wanting to change or have been subject to their partners decision to want a change. It is also that time as we approach Valentines Day that the thought of love, romance, relationshipsand datingis in the air!

Placing yourself out on the dating market can often be difficult, especially if you have been out of it for some time. In this post we look at lack of dating confidence and how hypnotherapy can help to enhance that confidence long term.

Perhaps you find dating difficult because you have a low self image?

Has a past romantic relationship left you feeling raw or exposed?

Or have you just emerged from a long marriage and been confronted with a lot of technology based dating that you feel unequipped to overcome?

However, your ability to succeed in relation to dating can depend on your amounts of self-worth and confidence, so it's imperative to tackle these before you get started.

A lot of people find it difficult to accept a new dating possibility when it arises because of a deficiency of confidence or maybe they haven't moved on from the past break-up. Of course a great many people also experience social phobia whenever they go on a date because inside they never feel good enough.

More often than not the first step is seeking help, and that first step is in many cases the toughest.

If you'd like help to deal with your anxiety or perhaps to build up your confidence, hypnotherapeutic solutions will help.

Utilising hypnosis, you can safely and quickly re-evaluate negative self beliefs and patterns that knock your confidence. With a hypnotic approach you will be able to become ready to accept love, friendships and relationships through a process of deep reflection, awareness and more importantly - healing.

With hypnotherapeutic tactics, you can: Look at past ordeals and generate a more appropriate thought process on them. Be more at ease in the organisation of others, even when they are not well known to you. Think about yourself in a different way and believe that you can take care of whatever emerges in the course of a relationship.

Despite the fact that you can't control when and where love will find you, you can make sure you are in the right frame of mind to notice when it does, and in a position to offer it back. Hypnotherapy will help you strategy dating from a secure and safe place, and open your eyes to the opportunities and possibilities surrounding you.

If you are in a situation that hypnotherapy to help you rebuild confidence in yourself to move on would be helpful, call or e mail me to arrange an initial consultationto discuss your specific circumstances and how I can help you!

John Plester is Hypnotherapist and Confidence Coach at Norwich Hypnotherapy Practice in Norfolk.

Hypnotherapy and Pain Management

Managing Pain With Hypnosis

By John Plester, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Norwich, Norfolk.

I write this article as I am currently working with two of my students on how best to work with pain management, one who is running a trial in NHS suffolk and one who is about to run a pain clinic in Norwich.

Millions of people are affected by severe and permanent pain. Hypnosis can offer an answer, and it has a long history in helping people to manage both acute and persistent pain.

Are you currently one of the ten million people in the UK struggling with long-term pain? (1) Long-term pain can be debilitating, having a damaging effect on the calibre of life of anybody suffering from it. Pain can come from a good number of sources, including health issues, injury and medical procedures, and even the stress and strain of life. Pain killers will often be the primary source of brief pain relief, but in cases of chronic pain, the possibility of a life of pain is something that a good number of people simply have to come to terms with.

Sad to say for most, it isn't something that can be easily handled. Irrespective of whether or not the discomfort is from a recent injury, or from a long term condition, it can still have detrimental effects on a person's life.

Pain has a large number of effects on the body, for example:

Rise or appetite loss.

Pain typically causes disturbance to their normal sleep patterns.

Lowering of their mood as a consequence of constant feelings of pain.

Inner thoughts of despondency, low self-worth and confidence - feeling 'broken'.

How can hypnotherapy give assistance with pain control?

The use of hypnosis has a long pedigree when it comes to pain management and of course there are no unwanted side effects from drug treatments or surgical operations. It is especially useful in relation to conditions where stress or anxiousness has a substantial effect on the symptoms or pains associated with the condition. IBS, by way of example, has been proven to worsen through stress and anxiousness, so when these psychological factors are taken away, the problem should then calm in its intensity.

It is crucial to note that the way hypnotherapy helps a person in pain is to help them learn techniques that alters the way the pain is registered and responded to. So the person should be able to effectively reduce their own pain levels and modify their perceptions of the pain they are encountering. Hence, I have found that training clients in self hypnosis is an integral part of any treatment.

With hypnotherapy solutions you learn how to tackle pain in another way. Do you suffer with pain? By making use of hypnosis for pain control you will learn some excellent relaxation techniques, and find your pain appreciably reduced after only a few sessions of hypnotherapy.

I have worked with clients with pain management over many years and most of my work deals with training my clients how to use self hypnosis to reduce pain levels. I also utilise a technique from Thought Field Therapy that has been proven to get excellent results with reducing or eliminating pain. I also work with clients representations of pain and using NLP methods have been able to reduce the pain levels for a wide variety of pain.

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