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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Gastric band hypnotherapy

By John Plester, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Norwich, Norfolk.

The facts associated with weight problems are horrifying and we're all witness to the many news headlines outlining the variety of illnesses caused by weight problems. There is no escaping the type 2 diabetes epidemic and a growing number of men and women die from obesity related conditions every single day.

You may be an obese individual, prehaps you are classed as overweight, or you may worry you are becoming overweight. Only extreme cases of obesity necessitate desperate actions such as gastric band surgery. You needn’t be concerned about a scalpel or anaesthetic with gastric band hypnosis, you'll be able to achieve the same remarkable successes that surgery offers using a hypnotic approach. This is because it works by adjusting the way your subconscious mind deals with overeating patterns.

Gastric band hypnosis will assist you to shed unwanted weight, but more to the point it will help you keep it in check long term. Actual gastric band surgery is becoming a lot more accessible to obese patients. Since the long term health implications for an obese person are very costly, it is simply more cost-effective overall for the National Health Service to refer these obese individuals for surgical procedures. If you are willing to pay, this surgical treatment is obtainable privately.

There is a big list of potential complications for the surgical procedure many people probably would not encourage having the surgical procedure if there is a better option. Gastric band hypnotherapy offers a long term alternative so it is therefore a better solution.

Research has revealed plenty of individuals who have had gastric band surgery put on weight again sooner or later following the procedure. There are also figures comparing gastric band surgery and gastric band hypnotherapy and many comparisons go in favour of the hypnotherapy option for long term weight reduction.

This type of hypnotic technique predominantly tackles problems surrounding eating too much at mealtimes. This means it may not be appropriate for everyone. The actual way it works is by helping your mind and body generate a satisfied and full feeling before you actually overindulge. You still achieve a satisfied and full feeling, but will not have the desire to over indulge.

There are various approaches hypnotherapists use to perform this procedure. Some hypnotherapists offer a group of sessions which guide you through a step by step process of the surgical procedure as though you are literally having it carried out. This could be just the treatment alone or taking you all the way from consultation to after care. Other hypnotherapists like me provide the gastric band as one part of a broader course of hypnotherapy for weight reduction. The hypnotherapist would certainly talk about the recommended strategy for your distinct requirements.

A lot of hypnotherapists were not offering gastric band hypnotherapy previously simply because they felt weight loss hypnosis was enough for any client. interestingly, the results have spoken for themselves and a lot hypnotherapy professionals now offer this service, having seen the benefits it can provide to many clients.

I have integrated the hypnotic gastric band process in my 'Unleash the Slim Within' weight loss programme which is designed to develop a slim thinking mindset to create long term and sustainable habits for health and wellbeing. This part of the programme is only recommended for clients with alot of weight to lose, so most clients who are looking to lose up to a couple of stone would be fine on the more general programme.

This is the path a lot of people must take in order to truly feel prepared for long term transformation. Gastric band hypnotherapy is an excellent alternative to surgery and plenty of hypnotherapists now understand this and want to use it to help people. Call me if you want to discuss your suitability and situation in more depth.

John Plester is the Principal Tutor of the East Anglian Institute  of Hypnotherapy and lead hypnotherapist at Norwich Hypnotherapy Practice that have been established since 2001.

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