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Welcome to the ultimate hypno-diet of common sense and leading edge psychological techniques that will re-programme your mind to a new slimmer and healthier YOU!

Workout your mind and body with me, John Plester, author of 'Unleash the Slim Within' and featured on BBC's 'Make My Body Younger'. I have spent years assisting Paul McKenna with his training seminars including his weight loss events and learned first hand how simple and effective his approach was to helping millions of people lose weight.

I took Paul's proven system as a foundation to my own programme and sought to improve it further by adding even more effective proven techniques such as the Hypnotic Gastric Band(Optional), enhancing some of the existing ones and presenting the programme in a style that provokes change.

This programme is based on my book 'Unleash the Slim Within', a comprehensive no nonsense approach to a long term healthy and slimmer lifestyle. This programme integrates the latest cutting edge psychological techniques to create lasting and permanent change – NEW habits and NEW behaviours to complement the NEW slimmer you!

There are 5 sessions in total that follow the programme of the book, but with the unique advantage of being tailored uniquely to you as an individual. In addition you will gain access to Inner Space Series Delta Slim™ hypnotic audio programmes that have been specifically designed for each part of the programme.

As a guide, the programme outline may run as follows:

The order will very much tailored to you and your needs and a plan will be established on the first session.

  1. Introduction - Have you really had enough? This session looks at your motivation behind embarking on this programme and what your aims are for the future establishing clear, precise and realistic goals that are correctly set up for maximum effect.

  2. Reprocessing the Past – The session deals with any emotional baggage that you want to let go of for once and for all. This session will also utilise diagnostic TFT to enable you to deal with whatever may have been holding you back.

  3. Run your Mind for a Change – This session deals with how you communicate with yourself internally and how you follow through with doing what it is you have set out to do. This session is about accepting yourself and learning how to run your mind so you feel more in control thus enabling you to make better choices.

  4. Food for Thought – This session is about how you choose the right nutrition for you and eliminate any cravings for foods that are not useful to your long term goals. This session also includes diagnostic TFT to identify any Individual Energy Toxins that may be having a negative impact in terms of cravings or weight gain.

  5. Slim for Good – This session is designed to ensure you develop the right strategies in terms of exercise and eating habits to stay on track and consolidate all the changes you have made at a deep unconscious level.

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