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Freedom Formula Practitioner Course Content

The modules that are covered are as follows:

Part 1: NLP Practitioner / Hypnotherapy Diploma

This can be completed as a ten module one to one programme with two NLP group Bootcamps to gain NLP Practitioner status.( Full details on this website).

NLP Boot Camps

These intensive training weekends are about getting lots of practice at the NLP skills. There will be an overview of the relevant skill or technique, a demonstration where applicable, an opportunity to question and understand the process followed by practice with other students. These modules are practical and intensive in nature. Both group modules will give you the chance to practice the NLP communication models.

 NLP Therapy Boot Camp

This module will cover the basic NLP skills such as rapport, eye accessing cues and calibration followed by sub-modality interventions and change work. This will include the Swish Pattern, Anchoring, Resourceful States, Fast Phobia Cure and much more.

NLP Coaching Boot Camp

This module will review the basic NLP skills such as rapport, calibration and eye accessing cues followed by the NLP coaching skills around goal setting, well formed outcome, neurological levels, perceptual positions, strategies and much more.

Alternatively, this can be done as part of a Hypnotherapy Diploma training from the EAIH (East Anglian Institute of Hypnotherapy) with a follow up advanced NLP Practitioner weekend training.

Part 2: TFT Practitioner

This exciting new 2-day learning experience includes the best parts from each of TFT's popular and long time courses:

You will be learning the same powerful algorithms that were used in the field in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, or in Rwanda with orphans of the genocide. This powerful complex algorithm helps war veterans, disaster victims and genocide victims, imagine how it could help you and your clients or loved ones with their daily traumas and challenges.

Another, very powerful procedure you will learn is how to help cravings and addictive urges, even obsessive negative behaviours. In fact, these procedures are so effective, top weight loss and addiction professionals use them as the basis or part of their best-selling programmes.

This training programme includes hands-on training, relevant handouts, and a combination of demonstration and instructional support materials including online resources.

A variety of problems are addressed including; physical pain, abuse, trauma victims, anxiety or panic, depression, addictions, anorexia, simple phobias and many of life's problems that we all experience. This gives you a wide background to not only rapidly increase your skills, but discover the benefits of TFT for yourself.

This TFT Practitioner course includes hands-on TFT training, practice and live tapping demonstrations with the participants. All attendees have the opportunity to work on personal issues and many experience complete resolution of these issues during the weekend.

Part 3: Freedom Formula Mentoring

Once you have achieved part 1 and 2 then you will have the qualifications to practise as both a NLP Practitioner/Coach, TFT Practitioner and Hypnotherapist (optional). 

The next part of the training is a mentoring programme monthly (90 minutes) over a year to support you integrating the Freedom Formula approach into your business. Importantly, you will learn the final part of the Freedom Formula that makes the combination of methods work together successfully.

The sessions comprise of supervision of existing client case studies with additional learning, development and integration of the Freedom Formula approach.


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