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Hypnotherapy in Norwich and Norfolk

Norwich, Norfolk residents find hypnosis really helpful

by John Plester, Clinical Hypnotherapist

After opening my hypnotherapy clinic in Norwich, Norfolk back in 2001, I was surprised by the quantity of clients I saw with panic and anxiety, far more than I expected. Though anxiety covers a rather wide range of issues, there seemed to be a prevalence of clients troubled by agoraphobia based anxieties and panic attacks.

The notion crossed my mind that maybe there was some local rationale that could explain why I was seeing so many anxiety clients. However, having talked throughout the years with numerous other hypnotherapists from all around the country, I became aware that the amount was quite normal. The percentage of anxiety clients other hypnotherapists see within the UK would appear to be fairly similar.

My weight management programme was also sought after by the individuals in Norwich, Norfolk. Now, whether it's my specialist therapy techniques such as NLP and Thought Field Therapy or simply the effectiveness of a hypnotic approach for losing weight that has caused the buzz around Norwich, Norfolk, I'm not really sure. What I do know is that I am getting more and more referrals from clients residing close by.

As time has gone by I seem to be attracting clients from quite a few of the neighbouring areas, not just Norwich, Norfolk. I have clients coming from all over the country and even abroad. I also work with clients via Skype, which makes the world even smaller, so recently I have worked with clients from America and Australia.

The power of hypnotherapy tactics are such that over the time I have worked effectively with factors like:

Stop smoking cigarettes

Weight loss and hypnotic gastric band

Public Speaking

Fears and Phobias of all kinds from flying to snakes and spiders

Hopelessness and depression

Exam nerves

Anxiety of swimming, enclosed spaces and feeling trapped.

To mention only a few.

In the past, I have worked together with many Norwich, Norfolk residents utilising hypnosis and together I hope we have made Norwich, Norfolk just a little bit better.

Whilst the Norwich, Norfolk locals have these issues, they seem to be getting on with their daily lives despite the difficulties in their lives, which I think must be extremely tough. As you walk around Norwich, Norfolk you would never guess that people are coping with, quite usually, substantial problems in their lives. So, if you have similar problems you can take comfort from the idea that you are not alone.

All of us receive harmful conditioning in our lives and by using hypnosis we can change that conditioning to allow a new behaviour to start to stand out and make your life a whole lot better. It's not necessary to live in Norwich, Norfolk to take advantage of hypnotherapy, despite the fact that if you want to come and see me it helps to be local but with modern communication methods, I can work with clients wherever they are. I have specifically created hypnotic audio tracks, e books and You Tube videos to help support clients that may be working with me from afar.

Does it sound as though hypnosis could help you? If you feel it might and you live in or near Norwich, Norfolk why not contact me and we can talk about it.

John Plester from Norwich Hypnotherapy Practice has been working in Norwich, Norfolk for over 13 years as a specialist hypnotherapist and is recommended by some of the top doctors in his field as well as having a track record of assisting Paul McKenna.

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