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Hypnotherapy Approaches to Weight Loss

Hypnotherapeutic Tactics for Weight Reduction

By John Plester, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Norwich, Norfolk.

People are now opting to use alternative treatments for numerous health problems, instead of using medical intervention and drugs. One of the biggest problems facing modern society currently is obesity or eating too much.

There are a plethora of diets available, each offering miracle cures to weight control and reducing our intake of food. Though the claims are plentiful often the evidence is fairly thin.

Lots of clients who opt for therapies, like hypnotherapy for weight control, have as a rule tried many different diets and sadly failed.

Hypnosis looks to make changes within the subconscious, which can make a major difference to the way we associate food and weight.

Hypnosis aims to treat the whole person on a physical and mental level so that their overindulging can be understood and then altered. One of the top things in the list would be their current behaviours towards food and how they relate to it.

This is basically the difference between the outcome of dieting and what hypnotherapy can achieve. Most diets, if not all, usually do not consider many of these essential elements which all must be addressed for weight reduction to be effective and maintained successfully.

Normally when someone is dieting the body can and does lower the metabolic rate which makes reducing weight even harder as you need to consume even less calories to get slimmer effectively.

Consequently, hypnotheraputic strategies are a lot more successful due to the way it considers the individual’s circumstances and helps to alter patterns within the mind that make it more challenging to drop some weight. This can include controlling hunger, altering the way we think about food, improving the diet and a great deal more, yet without the constant battle that most diets commonly create. Hypnotherapy, hence, helps to make behavioural changes within the mind, relating to bad eating habits and learned habits, making it far easier to achieve your objective.

I have been helping clients lose weight for over 15 years and the success of clients in losing weight usually boils down to eliminating the causes of emotional eating and creating new habits and behaviours that are balanced and sustainable over the long term. I have developed a five session programme based on my book 'Unleash the Slim Within' that specifically deals with these issues using the latest psychological methods and strategies to do so.

This is a new year and with so many programmes on TV about various weight loss methods, this is a good time to look into the best ways forward that will work for you. Check out my weight loss programme on this website for more information.

John Plester is a Clinical Hypnotherapist at Norwich Hypnotherapy Practice and Principal Tutor of the East Anglian Institute of Hypnotherapy. He is also author of 'Unleash the Slim Within' a self help weight loss programme.

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