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NLP Practitioner Training Course Content

The modules that are covered are as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to NLP Therapy

This introduction to the NLP therapy model and presuppositions sets the theoretical base for the adventure you are about to begin. Learn to define an individual’s well formed outcome to create positive long term goals and apply this to your self one to one with me.

Module 2: Understanding your Client’s Model of the World

Learn one of the key discoveries of NLP – eye accessing cues and predicates and knowing how people think can help you understand and influence others easier.

Module 3: The Science of NLP

Learn how to become a master of your own mind and take control of the way you think. Learn the science of sub-modalities (neurological codes of experience) to take control of how clients experience in the present and how to interrupt their patterns of the past.

Module 4: NLP Therapy Techniques

Eliminate the obstacles to moving on such as fears, phobias and traumas by learning the NLP Fast Phobia Cure. Also learn how to eliminate habits and unconscious behaviours using the NLP SWISH technique. Also learn how to collapse unconscious triggers (anchors) and get rid of unwanted cravings.

Module 5: Goals and Well Formed Direction

Learn how to use the well formed outcome and neurological levels model to support lasting change.

Module 6: The Power of a Resourceful State

Learn how to access this state and maintain it using personal anchors or triggers. Also learn how to teach this and use this with your clients.

Module 7: The Language of Perspective

Learn how to use Meta Model questions to gain clarity and reframe your client’s perspective of the world.

Module 8: The Language of Persuasion

Learn how to use the Milton Model hypnotic language patterns to unconsciously influence and persuade more effectively.

Module 9: Timeline and Hypnotic States

Learn how to use hypnotic altered states to accelerate change – discover how to use self hypnosis and timelines to create a compelling future. Learn how to use neurological levels to take stock of where you are and where you are going.

Module 10: Strategies for Success

Learn how to elicit and interrupt limiting thought patterns and install new thought strategies to improve the quality of thinking and therefore actions.

Group Training Modules: NLP Boot Camps

These intensive training weekends are about getting lots of practice at the NLP skills. There will be an overview of the relevant skill or technique, a demonstration where applicable, an opportunity to question and understand the process followed by practice with other students. These modules are practical and intensive in nature. Both group modules will give you the chance to practice the NLP communication models.

Group Module A: NLP Therapy Boot Camp

This module will cover the basic NLP skills such as rapport, eye accessing cues and calibration followed by sub-modality interventions and change work. This will include the Swish Pattern, Anchoring, Resourceful States, Fast Phobia Cure and much more.

Group Module B: NLP Coaching Boot Camp

This module will review the basic NLP skills such as rapport, calibration and eye accessing cues followed by the NLP coaching skills around goal setting, well formed outcome, neurological levels, perceptual positions, strategies and much more.

This training is subject to a minimum of 50 hours of training including one to one modules,  NLP group modules and private study culminating in your demonstration of skill proficiency at the end of the training. Attendence alone is not a qualification for licensing and certification.

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