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Next Course starts: October 2019

Hypnotherapy Diploma Training Venue: Norwich Wellbeing Centre, 15 Chapel Field, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1SF

The venue is within walking distance of both Norwich Railway Station, Norwich Bus Station and quality value accommodation such as Travelodge and Premier Inn.

Investment: £2095 (inclusive of GHSC certification, training materials and access to online resources)

Discount: £50 if paid in advance in full via BACS transfer prior to commencement. A further £50 Early Bird Discount if paid in full by 1st September 2019.

Payment Plan: Deposit of £295 to secure your place followed by 10 module payments of £180. Payment can be made by standing order or BACs transfer.  

Acceptance for this course is by interview only. To book an informal interview with me to discuss the suitability of the course for you call (01603)626477.

Testimonials About Hypnotherapy Training

“John Plester is a knowledgeable trainer who combines an entertaining style with effective training ”

Daryl Fraser, Author ‘The Inner Travellers Guide Book’

“'I can't quite believe how much I have learnt. I can honestly say that I have looked forward to every training day. The Institute has given me a solid foundation to work from and I have felt as though I have had back up all the time. I can't wait to start the next course.”

S. H., Hypnotherapist

“A wealth of knowledge and experience drive this well rounded course. For the chance to really enjoy and learn your way into hypnotherapy there is now where else to spend your time.”

R. J., Trainer and Hypnotherapist

“This is an exceptional course. If there is anything that you want out of life, anything you want to change or simply you just wan to know yourself- then this course will guide you on your journey. Fanatstic Fun!”

P. D., H.R Director

“The whole experience of the course was for me life-changing. From a position of uncertain confidence I feel I have grown as a person and with the inspiration of my tutors, discovered a passion for the subject I could only previously scarcely imagined. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

D. H., Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

“The East Anglian Institute provided professional and supportive training throughout the course. I cannot fault the presentation or the content of the course. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I felt that I have learnt so much but I am also looking forward to progressing further with the East Anglian Institute.”

N. H., Hypnotherapist

“Before I came on the course, I had reservations and concerns about the longevity of my chosen career as a Sales Manager. Since coming on the course I now feel so much more confident and relaxed, knowing that I have an accredited qualification and the opportunity to become a successful therapist and I am looking forward to where my next journey with the East Anglian Institute.  ”

G. M., Sales Manager and Hypnotherapist

“I would highly recommend this challenging, informative, inspirational and FUN course which has been life changing both professionally and personally, to novices and professionals alike.”

S. M., Hypnotherapist

“I will go away from this training with a big smile on my face. I've learned lots of useful skills, but more than that discovered some great things inside me. It's been an enjoyable journey of discovery in great company.”

E. S., HR Advisor and Hypnotherapist

“An excellent course delivered very professionally. This course not only taught me the skills required but was a journey of self discovery.”

I. W., Hypnotherapist

“I discovered that as a counsellor, I can add hypnotherapy, NLP as tools to my toolbox. These skills can enhance practice in a dynamic way.”

P. H., Counsellor

“The course is excellent. The trainers are professional, experienced and very approachable. I have enjoyed every session. Meeting other people on the course from all walks of life has been a great experience as well. I have attended many courses in my career and this is the top of my list.”

J. S., Lecturer in Mental Health, NHS

“The training course has added a new dimension to my work as an addiction counsellor. it has been a journey of professional growth as well as professional development.”

P. O., Addiction Counsellor

“This course has not only transformed me as a person- i.e new skills etc but has equipped me with a wonderful and effective therapy. The high standards and professionalism of my teachers and the content of the course has far exceeded my expectations.”

D. B., Hypnotherapist and Crystal Healer

“Studying NLP and Hypnosis with the East Anglian Institute has been an insightful opening to understanding how we think and behave and what can be learned to implement positive change. Through their guidance and knowledge achieving the diploma has been an exciting, inspirational experience.”

B. D., Hypnotherapist and Coach

“Excellent course and instructors. First rate course content and delivery.”

M. L., Hypnotherapist

“The East Anglian Institute has created a comprehensive training course for hypnotherapy and NLP. The trainers approach the subjects with knowledge, passion and professionalism.”

D. F., Author and Hypnotherapist

“A truly wonderful course - I enjoyed every moment of it and my own personal development has been significant.”

W. C., Hypnotherapist

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. The abilities of the trainers has been extremely high. I'm looking forward to a new career.”

L. S., Hypnotherapist

“Thouroughly enjoyable course. Great fun, informative and useful. Will continue with the East Anglian Institute in the future.”

M. L., Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner

“In an industry that is unregulated it is important to get thorough training by nationally accredited trainers. The East Anglian Institute has these and learning through them is informative, fun and professional. Not only a good place to start learning but also a good place to continue learning.”

I. T., Hypnotherapist

“I found this training from the East Anglian Institute very thorough, giving many good techniques for use in everday practice. I would recommend the East Anglian Institute to anyone who would wish to further their professional expertise.”

S. R., Acupuncturist and Hypnotherapist

“An inspiring and enlightening course that gave me a very rounded learning in hypnotherapy and a very clear understanding of what direction can be taken. Very special team of trainers that encourage others in opening their minds.”

S. L., Hypnotherapist and Healer

“Probably one of the most eye-opening training courses I've attended. Stacked full of very useful (and useable) techniques. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute!”

E. P-C., Hypnotherapist

“The hypnotherapy course was fantastic, a great opportunity to learn with top quality trainers. Highly recommended. ”

R. C., Hypnotherapist

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