NLP Session


The fee for a one hour session of NLP Coaching is £100.

Regular Support Online Coaching (30 min) £50


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or call me on 01603 626477

NLP coaching is initially suited to regular one hour consultations to set well formed goals and dealing with any barriers/obstacles during the process of change and refinement. Once the goal/outcome is set the action stage of the process begins and can be supported via regular online 30 minute sessions.

NLP sessions can be conducted at my private practice in Norwich - ideal if you live or work locally to me in Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire.

Alternatively, if you live further afield, you can also work with me via Zoom/Skype wherever you are in the world. 

Some clients will often do the key change work with me one to one in Norwich  on one of my intensive programmes such as the 'Freedom Formula', 'Catalyst for Change' or the 'NLP for Life' training. 

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