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You can work with me one to one at my private practice in Norwich – ideal if you live or work locally to me in Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire. Unfortunately, if you live further afield, the nature of hypnotherapy doesn't allow me to work with you using hypnosis, however you could consider coming to Norwich and working  intensively on one of my programmes or if you want to work with me via Telephone/Skype or Facetime, the 'Freedom Formula' programme enables you to utilise my hypnotic audio tracks that can be streamed or downloaded. 

The fee for a one hour session of hypnotherapy is £85.

Think Ahead and Save

Alternatively, you can check out my flagship five session 'Freedom Formula' programme that integrates all my specialist therapies including hypnotherapy in one fast track programme. This may save you both in time and money as the programme uses the 20% of therapies that have, over the years, consistently got 80% of results. 

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John Plester has trained extensively with and has been referred clients by the worlds most famous hypnotherapist and best selling author, Paul McKenna.

John was honoured to have assisted him on his UK stage shows and specialist training seminars including those on hypnosis, NLP, weight loss, happiness and phobias.

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