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Hypnotherapy and Gambling

How to overcome the addictive urge!


There is a way to resolve problem gambling that is focused on the roots of the issue in a fashion that is so efficient that most other strategies cannot compare. Not only that, but it also enables people by teaching techniques and tools which give them back control.

Hypnotherapy Specialist techniques are this amazing treatment.

Problem gambling can creep up little by little, and just as non-gamblers find it hard to understand why someone could risk everything when the chances are so clearly against them, gamblers can be unaware that their habit has changed into a problem.

Of course, a great number of people can gamble responsibly, but when the urge to gamble overtakes good sense, such as gambling money you cannot afford to lose or carrying on in order to try to regain previous losses, then you might have a problem.

This addiction, often called compulsive gambling, creates and exploits flaws and scenarios in a way that can seem extremely difficult to defeat.

The grip of this obsession can reside inside a person in a way that only hypnotherapy could stand a chance of extracting it.

For gamblers, life can rapidly become difficult, especially as the scarcity of money gets greater and greater.

A number of gamblers would become increasingly isolated from friends and relations, which removes other types of pleasure and further fuels the gambling habits.

As the habits take hold, it's not unheard of for gamblers to begin lying to hide both the gambling behaviour as well as to conceal losses.

They get into a vicious loop of trying to gamble their way out of the money problems that gambling has caused.

As money becomes tight, a gambler will probably in many cases start searching for other sources of cash, perhaps by selling treasured items, borrowing money from family or friends or leaving bills outstanding.

It does not have to be this way - there is a proven solution that works.

Hypnosis effectively deals with the feelings, views and past experiences which could compel a person to gamble.

Some of these may be early life trauma, large amounts of stress, a lack of self-confidence, low self-worth and/or a consistently debilitating depression.

Commonly gamblers lose so much control that they can't consciously pinpoint specifically where it all went wrong, and how they found themselves surrendering to such impulsive behaviour.

I have been helping clients with a range of addictions overcome them for over 20 years and gambling, like so many others, can be dealt with effectively using hypnotherapy. I use a range of specilaist therapy methods to deal with the underlying emotions that drive the habit as well as interrupting the thinking pattern that makes the habit compulsive, once this part of the work is done, we will look at healthier and more appropriate ways to deal with life and it's inevitable difficulties. My 'Freedom Formula for Change' programme integrates the best methods to deal with addiction in an intensive five session programme. Check out this website for more information.

John Plester is a specialist hypnotherapist dealing with addiction at Norwich Hypnotherapy Practice as well as being the Principal Tutor at the East Anglian Institute of Hypnotherapy.


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